The Speaking Fellows are specially trained Barnard students who work with speaking-intensive courses and other academically centered programs, helping students improve their presentation and class discussion skills.  The program requires Speaking Fellows to be among Barnard’s best public speakers, and to have strong leadership and teaching abilities.  We aim to cultivate and empower the speaking culture at Barnard by teaching students to be reflective about what they say and how they say it.


Group Workshops

Public Speaking and the Intellectual Voice is a series of public speaking workshops open to the Barnard/Columbia community.  We developed several concentrated, 1-hour or 1.5-hour workshops drawing on knowledge and activities from a variety of fields (including feminist theory, debate, negotiation strategies, even improv comedy) to help you practice, improve, and experiment with your speaking style.  In all workshops, you can expect to be on your feet, trying out activities and engaging in meaningful discussions with the support of a Speaking Fellow and a small group of peer participants.

See below for a description of each workshop offered this Fall. Space is limited, so we encourage you to sign up as soon as possible.  To reserve your spot, sign up through our online scheduler.

Getting the Word Out: Tabling

Monday, 11/23 | 7:30-8:30PM | 217 Barnard Hall
5-6 participants per workshop

Are you part of a student group? Do you have a cause you want to publicize? Learn how to engage students unfamiliar with your group in what you are most passionate about---just by sitting at a table in a well-travelled location around campus.


Don't Panic: Managing Public Speaking Anxiety

Tuesday, 11/24 | 7-8:30PM | 217 Barnard Hall
4-5 participants per workshop

In survey after survey, more people rank "public speaking" as their greatest fear. Spend a low-key hour with a small group and a Speaking Fellow to learn how to recognize and manage your anxiety. We will discuss the psychology behind anxiety, learn tips and tricks to diminish anxiety and improve speech performance, and practice public speaking in a stress-free environment.