Attendance Policies

Arrive Early

Speaking Fellows workshops begin promptly, so please arrive on time, if not a few minutes early.  Because workshops run based on the group dynamic, please understand that if you are late, you may not be allowed into the session, and rescheduling may not be possible.  If you cannot participate because of lateness, you will be marked as a "No-Show," and all No-Show penalties will apply.



Before you cancel:  Please understand that Speaking Fellows workshops are designed for a certain number of participants, so if you do not show up to your workshop, your Speaking Fellow cannot run the workshop normally.  To ensure that the other students in your workshop can still benefit from group activities, please notify us of a cancellation as far in advance as possible so that another student can sign up in your stead.

For reservations made through an attached course:  If this workshop was arranged through one of your courses, please contact your Head Speaking Fellow immediately.  Please understand that because of limited capacity and scheduling constraints, rescheduling may not be possible.

For reservations made through the Speaking Center:  You may cancel your reservation through the online scheduler up to 24 hours in advance.  If you have an emergency and cannot make it to your session last-minute, please email or call the Speaking Program office at 212-854-8941 immediately.



If you do not show up to your workshop or one-on-one OR cancel with less than 24 hours notice...

For appointments made through your attached course: Your professor will be informed that you did not attend your Speaking Fellow session(s).  Bear in mind that for all attached courses, attending your Speaking Fellow session(s) is a requirement of the course.  Penalties to your class grade will be applied at your professor's discretion.

For appointments made through the Speaking Center: You will be marked in our system as a “No-Show.”  If you are marked as a No-Show, you cannot make reservations in the Speaking Center for the remainder of the week, and all existing reservations in that week will be cancelled.  If you are marked as a No-Show twice in one semester, you will not be able to make appointments for the remainder of the semester.  We make exceptions to this policy only in emergency situations.