Attached Course Info

Any Barnard professor can request to have a team of Speaking Fellows “attached” to her/his course.  These Speaking Fellows run 2-3 workshops over the course of the semester, usually outside of class time.  If your professor has requested Speaking Fellows for your course, s/he will tell you about this requirement on the first day of class and will include information about the program in the course syllabus.

At the beginning of the semester, one of your attached Speaking Fellows will visit your course to go over which types of workshops you will be participating in and when in the semester they will be scheduled.  Preparation instructions, if any, will come at this time.  When you sign up for a workshop, remember to make a note of when and where your workshop will take place, and record your Speaking Fellow's email and phone number in case you need to contact her.

Your participation in all Speaking Fellows workshops associated with your course is mandatory.  We strongly advise that you review our attendance policies at the very beginning of the semester.  Please understand that because workshops are experiential and based on the group dynamic, if you are late to your workshop, you will not be allowed to participate, and may not be able to reschedule.  If you have an emergency and cannot make it to your workshop last-minute, please contact your Speaking Fellow immediately.

Head Speaking Fellows: Your Contact

All courses with attached Speaking Fellows have a main contact person, or “Head Speaking Fellow.”  Your Head Fellow can answer all administrative questions about the workshops -- when and where they will be, how to sign up, how to prepare, etc.  To be put in touch with your Head Fellow, and for all questions about the program more generally, please contact the Speaking Program Office (; 212-854-8941).